I hate mobile phones

10 yrs of regular mobile use raises cancer risk

Ten years of regular mobile use is enough to increase the risk of cancer and the risk could be more when you use it for longer periods, Swedish scientists warn.

Mob user

The damaging effect of cell phone use has been suspected for long. While some studies have earlier shown that people who use cell phones for long periods face the risk of developing malignant brain tumours, some had said they did not find such evidences.
The latest study by researchers at University Hospital in Orebro and Umea University analysed the results of 11 previous studies carried out around the world. They examined long-term users because cancer can take more than a decade to develop.
They said almost all studies in the past had discovered an increased risk of cancer.
In the new study, the researchers said they found that long-term users had double the chances of getting a malignant tumour on the side of the brain where they held the handset.
An hour a day on a mobile phone is thought to be enough to increase the risk, reported the online edition of the Daily Mail.
The analysis revealed that those who have used their phones for at least a decade are 20 per cent more likely to contract acoustic neuromas (a type of brain tumour) and 30 per cent more likely to get malignant gliomas (a common brain tumour).
The study published in the latest issue of the journal Occupational Environmental Medicine showed that the risk is even greater on the side of the head the handset is held. Long-term users were twice as likely to get the gliomas and two-and-a-half times more likely to get the acoustic neuromas than other people.
Children should be discouraged from using mobiles because their thinner skulls and developing nervous systems made them especially vulnerable. Adults should exercise caution, the scientists warned.


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