chakde India

I cannot really get over this movie. If Lagaan was infused patriatism, this one is so natural.

A must watch movie. The guy who acted as the Hockey federation administrator (famous dialogue – arree.. these are Indian woman? what good are they? how can they wear nicker wicker and play? they are fit only for kitchen) makes you readily get angry and feel like slapping him. He is complete with the body language eating “good day” biscuits and sipping tea in government expense.

Sharukh Khan is under played and sans his usual antics so turns out to be a likable guy. Director gets all the credit for his role.

Some more dialogues in the movie.

“sabko ek bar maafi hota hain – every one gets pardoned atleast once – Kabir khan’s friend.

“sabko”? – “everyone?” (Kabir khan)

I really do not want to disclose the important dialogue of the movie which is the scene where Kabir khan meets the girls first time – you must watch it.

But the guy who acts as “Shukla ji” is awesome as well.

Shukla : Naam..? (Name?)

actor : ho?

Shukla: Naam? thumhara naam kya hain? (name, what is your name)

actor: Suimoi (sleepy)

Shukla: halath nahin.. naam kyan hain (I am not asking your condition, asking for your name)

second actor : uska naam Suimoi kherketta (Her name is “Suimoi”)

Shukla: thum log Raam leela waletho nahin? Abni ground haali nahain hain (are you guys some sort of a drama troupe? sorry the ground is not free now)

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