Boot and run Linux from a USB flash memory stick!

Update 09/27/07: Now works on systems using Windows Vista as the hostPen Drive Linux running on VistaPortable USB Pendrive Linux Persistent Tutorial:

  1. Download QemuPDLv1.1.0.exe and run the executable. (Extract to a folder named QemuPDL)
  2. Navigate to the QemuPDL folder and click the LaunchPDL.bat file to start running Pen Drive Linux from Windows

Main Menu Boot Options:

  • Select Pendrivelinux Live to boot Live (doesn’t save changes)
  • Select Pendrivelinux Persistent to boot using persistence (saves/restores changes)

Qemu Emulation Options:

  • Ctrl+Alt (switch between Windows and Linux)
  • Ctrl+ Alt+f (switch between windowed and full screen mode)
  • Ctrl+Alt+2 (switch to Qemu Monitor mode)
  • Ctrl+Alt+1 (switch back to Linux)

Default root password is pendrivelinux.

To set a new root password simply open a terminal and type sudo passwd root and then set the password you would like to use for root access.

The default Username is user. Default user password is live




appetite of the earth

பூமியின் பசிக்கு
பகல் முழுவதும்
வெயிலில் காய்ந்து
பம்பரமாய் சுற்றி
மாலை இளைப்பாறி
இரவுமனைவி காத்திருந்து
தந்தாள் வட்டச்சட்டியில்
கொஞ்சம் சோற்றுக்கஞ்சி


Most o f the usb users definitely cme across this pblem. recycler.exe.It ‘ll hide the folders in usb nd may get spread . u even cannot open the driv by usual method.there are two hidden Files on USB Stick:a) autorun

Scooby!. it ‘s autorun look like

So I tried to rename it .but pity thing s it get replicated as the renamed name.but I could delete the renamed one but not the original.bcoz it w‘s write protected

Actually it b’longs 2 a trojan family..i certainly cleared this using antivrus[mcafee I used] with ease or by spy n yahoo answers  may help u.I h’d learnt following sols to recover the hidden folder

1.if u knw the folder name enter n win address or u can make use of the cmdprompt

2.if u can’t remember the name.chechk it in linux[virus wnt work] or use windows

Vista<if u like it>

AND instead of creating folder, create new zip or .rar folder at best .[most of the pen sticks supports]

do registryfix HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\Folder\Hidden\SHOWALL

Update ur anti virus  regularly

save you!

poy.jpglinkI penned this poem at the age of 15.It is one of my puppy poem. IT bought me a prize in a competition which was held at chennai.I cant remember its name.

Dissolved phoenix


domain name for sale!

 I feel that a good domain name can help an online business become more visible, credible and accessible. And it can also help a person make a fortune. While finding one was very prohibitive, we can be a part of the gold rush, too.

Let’s do the math! Over 23 million “.com” names have been registered, and over 22 thousand are being purchased every day. It means that you’re more likely to win the lottery than find a good domain name.

Here is a list of record selling domain name:

– sold for $7.5 million
– sold for $3.3 million
– sold for $3 million
– sold for $2.75 million
– sold for $2.2 million
– sold for $1.03 million
– sold for $835,000
– sold for $825,000
– sold for $700,000
– sold for $450,000
– sold for $199,000

Not only that big list, some other domain are trading everyday on eBay from somewhere between $100 to $1000.

Why? Why do these people pay that much just for a domain name? This  s bcz domain s the thing upon which you will build your online business. And like real estate, the location s just as important — being accessible.

 source:a unknown blog


GMAIL DRIVE -It is a file sysytem nad an interesting thing! ya it s  a Shell Namespace Extension that creates a virtual filesystem around your Google Mail account, allowing us to use Gmail as a storage medium.and anoth news   s  we can make it for both Linux and Windows.NOTE:IT s an experimental tool nd have som draw backs  that have 2 overcome  like file name size is less than 60 chars nd few

                     till now it hooks up with      our fabulous free gmail service changes in the Gmail system may break the tool’s ability to function. I cannot guarantee that files stored in this manner will exist in future.

 purunjukka mudiyalayee purushothama!!!!!


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