NO smoking

Recently I had a chance to see  the movie  “no smoking”.I expected different story line bcoz of “k”

k is the name of john abraham.oh…

it is an absurd dream to  me.Actually I hate the smokers more than the politicians and lover .They are very selfish people,never care about this society and their family too.Don’t mistake me…. I had a thought to kill them.i hate them to the core.

Althoug it s an unusual story line,after watching this may hate/ignore  the movie otherwise  scare about ” even the word cigarette”.On the other side one may never  try for cigarette rehabilitation.

Fear often warns us from harmful influences, but not always. Besides being a warning sign, it also leads to active attempts to deal with the source of fear.

However, only the source of fear combined with the feeling that people can prevent the damaged lungs from happening to them will lead to an attempt to stop. Simple exposure to terrible pictures does not lead to dealing with the source of fear.

Instead, the negative pictures will make people feel afraid, possibly making them lose self-control and actually smoke more.

Taken from: Rogers, R. W. & Prentice-Dunn, S. (1997). Protection Motivation Theory. In D. S. Gochman (Ed.), Handbook of Health Behavior Research I: Personal and Social Determinants (Vol. 1, pp. 113-132). New York: Plenum.”

Tthe theme is STATUTORY WARNING. Cigarette smoking can be injurious to your health, to your fingers, to your beloved, and to people close to you

Chopping the finger s too much.The baba bengali  is looking like  poli samiyar.but really  he is a genuine!

Is nicotine is dearer to him than his life, than his wife, than his fingers? .

Music by bharatwaj.. listenable!!!!

the dialogue “I had my cigarette already when he gave me his first cigarette…”show k s assertiveness!


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