the obstacle I’m in

Ignore the pain in my eyes,
Knock me to the floor.
Here I’ve shattered, lieing in despise,
And can’t reach the door.
Can’t let go, not even time can tell,
Fallen so far, no one notices I fell.
My eyes tell the story of how I’ve gotten so far down,
Just tossed aside, and thrown onto the mound.Sure you may see
My lungs gasping for air,
But no one cares,
What’s the use trying to get you to see the damage done here?

Gotta get away, somehow, someway.
This is what I have to do
To pull through the the obstacle I’m in,
And that obstacle my friend, is you.

Wish you could see
Just how much pain you’ve caused me.
Wish I could go back and get this to mend,
But time is the one thing I cannot bend.

Written by BooBooKittii lab-I


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