Way to remove autorun.inf—-must read

There is a Trojan/virus (either the Win32/Pacex virus or the Win32/PSW.Agent.NDP trojan) that uses those two files. Here is how you can get rid of them:

1) Open up Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del)
2) If wscript.exe is running, end it.
3) If explorer.exe is running, end it.
4) Open up “File | New Task (Run)” in the Task manager
5) Run cmd
6) Run the following command del #:\autorun.* /f/a/s/q with other drives in turn

where # is replaced by drive name e.g-c,d,e etc

Be careful with this command it can delete your all data one by one from your hdd if execute wrongly so place your mouse on x position of cmd prompt windows and if it starts deleting your files close it

or we can do this step by without ending explorer.exe

just hit windows+R it will show you run dialog box now type cmd there,it will give you command prompt

now navigate to #:\ where # replaced with your different drive name

i am taking the example of c:\ drive

now write c:\del/a/s/q/f and give a space now press tab until you see autorun.inf press enter

now yo done do the rest steps as i said (be careful see clearly autorun.inf before deleting it and don’t delete any ntdelect there it may crash your system)

7) Go to your Windows\System32 directory by typing cd c:\windows\system32
8 ) Type dir /a avp*.*
9) If you see any files names avp0.dll or avpo.exe or avp0.exe, use the following commands to delete each of them:

attrib -r -s -h avpo.exe
del avpo.exe


10) Use the Task Manager’s Run command to fire up regedit
11) Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run (as usual, take a backup of your registry before touching it!)
12) If there are any entries for avpo.exe, delete them.
13) Do a complete search of your registry for ntde1ect.com and delete any entries you find.
14) Restart your computer.


2 Responses to “Way to remove autorun.inf—-must read”

  1. KARTHIK Says:

    Nice info, thanks.

    It is better to disable autorun feature.

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