Henk Jacobs–sorry OOChappan!!!

This is about the  Human  Mr Ochappan.………amazing Photographer(Photojournalist) nd  a trekker…. a man with a Dog(velakkarar oru naayoda varuvaareey ).Basically He is from Belgium who visited India in 1987.He shows the beauty of India and mankind through His third eye . I enjoyed the beautiful and realistic scenarios   ofMadura(MAdurai) nd My native near alagarkovil …nd made me to feel “EVERYTHING IN  THIS WORLD is BEAUTIFUL”and “THING OF BEAUTY IS JOY FOR EVER”.The colors and the sharpness in his photos are absolutely amazing which gives the  real life to the pic and also can make a story .India is very great full for his contributions through his soulful photography .  Hat’s off to Mr Henk Oochappan!

Want To know his story (behind oochappan)

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Want to see his photographs???




2 Responses to “Henk Jacobs–sorry OOChappan!!!”

  1. KARTHIK Says:

    ஆஹா…நம்ம குரு….

    அவரு தான் என்னோட போட்டோல முதல்ல கமெண்ட் பண்ணினாரு..

    கலக்கலான photographer. நம்ம ஊரு தெரு கூட அவரோட போட்டோல அவ்வளவு அழகா இருக்கும்….

    இத விட்டுடீங்க…..:)


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