Does your Fireofox Say “Java Plugin Not Found” ?? The pblm WE often face

Does your Fireofox Say “Java Plugin Not Found” ??

Last night I was trying to install the Java Plug-in for my Firefox. One of my buddies suggested me a website having cool Applets on Maths Physics and Engineering Phenomenans , which made me to try my best to enable the plug-in and have a look at them. When i opened this web page, it said “Java Plug-in Not Found” and gave me an option to install it. I used the link which started the FireFox Plug-in installer, which tried installing the plug-in and ended up saying ” Not able to install the plug-in” and further gave me an option to try installing JRE (Java Runtime Environment) it manually.As I was determined to see the applets the night, I decided to install the JRE manually. It took me to the Sun Java download page, where there were options to select th package I would like to download. There I found the package for my FedoraCore 4, eventually an RPM package, but in a hurry I downloaded ‘binary’ package instead of the ‘RPM’. But as I have previous successful experiences in installing with a Binary source code, I was determined to face the challenge :D. I installed the package and sought the installation help in the same Sun Java site. I sincerely followed the steps it said, first as an User with Root permit, then logged in as the ‘root’ itself to prevent confusion. The package got successfully installed at the determined location such that all users would be able to use it ( /usr/Java/jre/ ).

Now, as I have downloaded and installed the JRE successfully, I then started the FireFox and went to the site, eager to view the applets. But, still luck hasn’t been with me. Though the JRE got installed there were no corresponding plug-ins in ‘ /etc/firefox/plugins/ ‘ directory. On my LUGC buddy Prashant’s advice finally made a Google for ‘Java Plugin Install for Firefox’ and ended up here. Let me make a brief procedure to install the plug-in, if after installing JRE, still suffer from “No Plug-in Found” problem.

  • Assuming that you installed ur JRE in ‘ /usr/Java/jre….. ‘ as I did, then ur plugin canbe found at : ' /usr/java/j2re1.4.2_01/plugin/i386/ns610-gcc32/ ‘ .
  • Open the terminal and gain root access with su.
  • Go to the firefox plugins directory which will be most probably ‘ /etc/firefox1.0/7/plugins/ ‘ using :

    # cd /etc/firefox1.0.7/plugins

  • Issue the following command at the shell prompt :

    # ln -s /usr/java/j2re1.4.2_01/plugin/i386/ns610-gcc32 /

  • Now check the firefox plugins directory for the plugin, which would have a symbolic link of the actual plugin you have it your JRE plugins directory, using :

    # ls -a /etc/firefox1.0.7/plugins

  • If you find the plugin there, Kudos! You have installed the plugin. Now turn on your Firefox and check the site I told you. As I was able to, when you click on any of the applets a separate window wall pop up and display you the applets )

If you have any difficulties then make a Google, or ask some mailing-list, and if the problem still persists then feel free to contact the Firefox Help. :)TechnoFreaking Continues…..

Update for Ubuntu Dapper Drake:

There is a few changes when trying the same in Ubuntu Dapper Drake, which I did a few minutes ago. They are,

1. Create a new directory called ‘jre’ within ‘/usr/share/java’ and CD into that directory before running the downloaded file. This will install the j2re within the ‘/usr/share/java/jre/’ directory.

2. Copy the plugin file into /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/’ for global effect and into ‘~/.mozilla/plugins/’ for local effect.



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