Few and far between play   these quizzez .ThIS site offerz HP laps,PLAY STATIONS (sony)nd N-96……wow!!!! we can make use of  any search engines.but matter is the TIME some  finished the 10 quesznz n seconds!!!!.me tried nd finished  in 15 min 19 sec some m.sec.and my best Tims ws 3:14:04 ….after finishing  the question you can move to the next…,You may know the answer  .but with different spelling  ,naturally it wont accept.ex :dilip/dileep .It accepts the answer which is n the search engine…Mean while time clck s running ahead …pitty///I really gained some GK and also  how the bad site  can be designed. Now i tell you the secret how to win this worldsearchchampionship.

select the question along with the Go button.



Paste it in a note pad    believe it or not  u get all the 10 questions,  get ready  withsearch engine open in multiple tabs in your browser.paste the copied each question n each tabs….nd you can easily get through…..U may be juggernauts not need of search engines…with great IQ knowledge nd spelling knowledge …4  you  plz ignore this….Move on to the site!

Dudes check out this quiz site  and Knowledge.All the Best!

PS: The above trick is not working with  worldsearchchampionship2010


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