Stop the war

Is this War  for Soil?

Condition for   the freedom to spoil …

….the Humanity  squeeze  the Litres of Blood

To quinch their thirst ……..

Addicted to the smell of  Gun powder???

Many  Innocent cries get Deeper nd Deeper

Into the pipes of tanker

Seldom reach their Heart

..Far way from their  Soul

boredom to think of it for u

Today I am in the war!!!!!U are in the war …….

Still Humanity  never meet it’s Independence day!!!!!!!!!

Letter to India…..As we think India is not people not any other…..Not Mother India.It is Central Government…..Please help Our brothers and sisters in sirilanka ……….Atleast  don’t hurt their feelings!!!!In the mean time of analysing who s correct and who s wrong ………..Lot of lives  are dieing!!!!! (Both Sirilangans and  eelam thamizhians)and  starving for peace and freedom!!!!!Stop the war…………before the Indian ocean fillz up with bloodz and dead 1s…….

Article:Kanmoodum  thesama ngey


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