Me the God worship U the God


I recently had a curiosity to know about davinci….I redirected  to lotz nd lotz  of secrets ,controverzies.finally i

end up with  davinci,hinduism,christianity…..nd now  it increases my e-reads

the conclusions are:

Hinduism is a thesis, Christianity is antithesis and the eclectic union of Hinduism and Christianity after expunging

Old Testament is the Synthesis

It was created by a man penning  under the name of kalki bhagwan  xpected avatar of vishnu(hindu god) n near future…..

(“Paritharnaya Sadhunaam,
Vinachaysa Dushkritham,
Dharama sam sthabanarthaya
Sambavami, Yukey, Yukey  sloga 4.8”)

which means “To protect the Innocents,
To punish the Guilty,
And To establish Righteousness,
I will born at (appropriate) times..”

-said by Lord krishna……

I  had a chance to read a book  of Srila prabupadha(ISKON founder) “Jesus loves krshna  tell  that “Krishna nd jesus

r same  told the same ..They resembled same(lik sheperd)…   (krishna -father  ,,,,jesusu -son).and   I found a

site quite  puzzling????

It might be the concept storied by the iskon inorder to convince the christians to enter the krishna consious into


Beyond these controversies nd tabooos  me  believe in” me the reason for all problems nd me the best solver”

“man who believe the god may be a terrorist ….Man who doesnt believe n God may be a peacemaker”

“Evil worship their God….Angels worship their God”

“Snake which bite me may believe in god (

Snake which play with me maynot believe in  god”

So  may be or not  worship and see and feel the god in everything   from ur  mom,frnd,ur pet,biting mosquito”

……Life bcom temple nd everyone worship you.

“Anti-terrorists  plz preach the above.  IT will be the only way to stop the terrorism)……..,


2 Responses to “Me the God worship U the God”

  1. thusy Says:

    Nice article….

    Keep writing… 🙂

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