Seven pounds-movie review

Seven pounds —melodrama I have watched today..I could not figure out what’z going on at the first…car crash scene will with his love…… why what happend to will smith….why he called 911  ??why he was going to suicide ..Why he lefte his beach house  ……what were the flash back scenes….great suspense after the few scenes….I made the film concept:(

A sentimental drama acted by Will smith..proved his versality in acting again.It was released on dec 12 2008….We can’t expect charming will smith here.BUt he looked good in salmon color shirt gifted by Emily posa. but we can enjoy humour  here and there …particularly when he was handling the Duke(vegetarian petdog!!!) nd handling the motel manger…

another character was a jelly fish(poisonous of course)

“While riding in a car with his fiancée, he got an email/text from work. While looking at his cell phone, he drifted into another lane and into oncoming traffic. The ensuing wreck killed his fiancée, as well as six other people who were riding in the van his car hit. Because of Tim, seven people died. This is the list that Tim was reciting after his heated conversation with Ezra. There were also constant flashes to newspaper clippings he’s collected of these seven innocent lives”

So he started to help the people who were affected…\

offcourse will smith(tim)  survived after his death by donating his heart to emily posa,ezra in his eyes,real ben thomas to whom he gave his lung and liver to holly,connie his beach house nd george his kidney.

hmmm big organ transplantation revolution

lot of heart touching scenes  well  watch the film..\completely different story line to will smith(one of the producer of this film)…Altough it proves some sort of oddity..will smith fans really lovz


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