The curious case of benjamin button(peculiar case)

first 90 % |middle 60%| last 30%

out of 100
Thats all about this movie…

wonderful direction with peculiar  story… Had fun  to hear the grandma who i s telling her love life to her daughter ha ha ….. Then you can get sentiments…. sentiments and love all over the movie !!!melodrama!!!!

And another remarkable thing was make up chanceless!!!!…..but it pass’d most of bit tests all with screenplay and romance,,,,Brad pitt ……..hmmm ,he again proved his best…. The thing of old baby born with arthritis blah blah who expected to die soon   lasted until his tender baby age….But   healthy baby (gift of lord) to the childless parents ..:(

baby button who raised by Queeni and became Benjamin….and again  Benjamin button…..nice play what else I  can say…..

Daisy’s  young love on Old Benjamin…and the performance of that character(when she asked to kiss him) was awsome….

The highlight was about that short story about a blind clock maker’s    son death and turned   into anti-clock maker  in the hope that it would bring back those who died in the war  ……and the way they screen played the movie anded up with  the backwards clock was shown in a basement, still working, as flood waters enveloped the storage room where it was kept. Husband died in his wife’s hand as a baby   hmmm haa huu  ya finally   it was a peculiar case

Heard it got 3 oscars for  makeup ,direction,and visual effects and many other awards in various fields….


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