6 Responses to “Warning:Orkutzone.tk”

  1. KARTHIK Says:

    yes. thanks for nice info. 🙂

    I never run javascripts in orkut. Before they used to advertise something in orkut using javascipt. It will contain some functions like ‘scrap all’. It will scrap automatically all your friends.

    But disabling javascript in browser might affect all sites. Today many sites use javascipt.

  2. mangaimano Says:

    Thanks for your comment .And I agree with you “disabling the javascript will affect “…It has both advantages and disadvantages.Due to security and reliability concerns we have to disable it.Use some shortcut keys for disabling and enabling the javascripts wherever we want.

  3. dkarthiga Says:

    wts the short cut key to disabe the script:)???

  4. dkarthiga Says:

    any way to hide the syst ip address ????

  5. Warning:Orkutzone.tk « தமிழ் நிருபர் Says:

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