Frangipani-memorable story

FrangipaniA book with a flower name and all  about  a mother Materena’s as a listener .It was a story about a family and the traditions in t Tahitian island from a Tahitian author Vaite.Author coveys a deep respect for women’s strength.
While reading her words any woman cannot stop thinking about her mother or herself.Materena learns she’s pregnant with her second child,but at that time her husband Pito leaves her over a pay dispute.Then she takes professional cleaner as her job for “financial independance”.When the traditional needle test confirms she is carrying a daughter Materena is thrilled .She shares a lot of things to her daughter Leilani even before she indroduces her to the world.’Girls hurt their mother from the day they come into this world…. Girls are a curse,’ say some island women, but Matarena is delighted with her baby, Leilani, who soon grows into a free-spirited, curious, and sometimes troublesome girl.
“Welcome to Womanhood” speech to her daughter is an epitome of her motherhood.But Leilani is an exceptional little girl with a bright intelligence and an analytical mind which constantly challenges Materena’s knowledge as it taxes her patience.
Materena’s character is given the opportunity to develop into more then a mother and homemaker which allows her to accept Leilani’s decision to leave Tahiti in pursuit of her love and dreams.She is a best except for her loving daughter Leilani.
Frangipani-a story about the ongoing tension between a mother and daughter,husband and wife ,with the society.I enjoyed all the warm lines of the book and made me to feel “I have searched so long for you ” Frangipani.

“Be strong,We ‘re not women for nothing”  Sensible words from Materena to Leilani


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