List of Best 50 Websites of 2009(with links)

The hottest thing on the Internet is not social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, but Flickr-the popular photo-sharing portal – and the proof is: it has topped TIME’s list of the best 50 websites this year.

One of the noticeable trends in this year’s list, which was released this week, was on-demand video services, like YouTube, Vimeo and US services Hulu and Netflix.

However, the top two in the list were related to photographs, with California Coastline following Flickr at the second spot.

Third in the list was bookmark website Delicious, while community weblog Metafilter stood at the fourth place.

Popurls, the mashup of the web’s most visited social news sites and portals, grabbed the fifth spot in the list.

Twitter ranked sixth and Facebook came 31st in the list, while YouTube and Hulu came at 12th and 14th place in the list.

TIME’s list of 50 Best Websites of 2009 is:. Flickr

2. California Coastline

3. Delicious

4. Metafilter

5. popurls (aggreagator)

6. Twitter

7. Skype

8. Boing Boing

9. Academic Earth(video courses)

10. OpenTable

11. Google

12. YouTube

13. Wolfram|Alpha

14. Hulu

15. Vimeo

16. Fora TV

17. Craiglook

18. Shop Goodwill

19. Amazon

20. Kayak

21. Netflix

22. Etsy


24. Redfin

25. Wikipedia

26. Internet Archive

27. Kiva

28. ConsumerSearch

29. Metacritic

30. Pollster

31. Facebook

32. Pandora and

33. Musicovery

34. Spotify

35. Supercook

36. Yelp

37. Visuwords (graphical dictionary)

38. CouchSurfing

39.’s NameVoyager

40. Mint

41. TripIt

42. Aardvark


44. Issuu

45. Photosynth (cool)

46. OMGPOP (for game lovers)

47. WorldWideTelescope

48. Fonolo

49. Get High Now

50. Know Your Meme (ANI)


4 Responses to “List of Best 50 Websites of 2009(with links)”

  1. KARTHIK Says:

    hey! flickr got first… great.. 🙂 thanks for sharing

  2. Karthikeyan Says:

    ha ha ha. Google @ 11 and Face book @ 31 and Flickr @ 1. Yahoo is not at all in the list? What a comedy? Is this only for social networking portals or common rating? Hey, this review is based on something else. Goto and find out real rank based on site view, traffic generation and linked web sites. That is the standard web site for ranking developed by

  3. Karthikeyan Says:

    Hmmm. Flickr is similar to picasa. right? Is there any thing more than that in flickr. Because picasa also not in the list.

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