The Inheritance of Loss-(Struggle in the modern world)

Hello Readers,

I am coming back after a long time…..restarted the novel reading.Last week I  noticed a book   named     “The Inheritance of Loss ”  Man Booker prize Winner  (2006) by Kiran Desai   in my cupborad.No movies to watch,hate to take text books ..huffff……Bored to the core  ,so I started to read the book  and finished it yesterday.And now I am here to blog it in my simple words.

The Novel start like this Sai  an orphaned teenage girl, moving to her  grandfather Jemubhai  (a retired judge) who wants to live a peaceful life   in Kalimpong at the foothills of the Himalayas.Thes tory  runs in two parallel segments. One, that of the judge and Sai and their life in Kalimpong which is on the verge of a Gorkhali insurgency in demand for a separate state for themselves – Gorkhaland. The second is that of Biju Sai’s son illegal immigrant in New York.The novel touches the everything from coloniaism, globalization to terrorism  and the different views on Indian life.

Although he was a retired Independent Indian Government official ,racial abuse, humiliation  that he encountered in cambridge University(where he studied) , abuse for  his young wife Nimi  evolve  the intense damage to his self esteem continues to haunt him:(.He hates the western life .The other  characters are he Anglophile sisters Lola and Noni ,father Booty, a Swiss national residing, illegally in India and Uncle Potty a heavy drunkard.Although it seems to be a chaotic novel ,there are true forms love and family bond!Both poverty and prosperty .It covers everything a reader expect from a book.A book to all and worth reading!

(-: I killed my boredom by writing this review LOl

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