Once again Hello World!!!

Hello World!

Time is running fast!yeah !!!!!!!! My Blog is now three year’s old!!I have been blogging for three years since oct 2007.At that time I didn’t have any idea about blogging,It’s a kinda free website ,we could post any information,our likes,fav artists,books etc etc…no need of papers,inks,post cards , stamps,telephone call to local radio channel .We r the authors ,the reviewers!!! that’s all I was aware about it.I always like to learn  myself despite of  how many trials and errors,because i believe in self learning ~everlasting one!.After all I am a being in search of meaning!!!!

At that time the  blogspot was restricted in my college(TCE) where i did my under graduation.. obviously i chose  wordpress!!!!!Started with borrowed news,weird thoughts,worst writing style…It’s a social diary!!!!!Now looking back@my  posts..how many errors..shyyyy:D how much changes in my thoughts….Unlike personal diaries,it triggers our creativity,our communication with the world.Now my blog s with two siblings Mangaimano’s thoughts and Y!flickr!(hope ” ll start photo blog too).Thanks to blogs!.It actually refining my thoughts and expressions !!!

Now  It helps me to keep in touch with my colleagues,friends  (Planet.tce.edu)and with my favourite bloggers.Because of facebooking twittering ,the blog number s reduced considerably.Hope I will make some worthy posts soon(this s for the daily visitor of my blog:P) !!!!Thank you longtime readers/visitors of my blog !

Happy Diwali!!!!bye……


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